This is the Last Time You Struggle Selling Your Stocks

portfolioWhen a stock makes money – you don’t want to sell it. It makes sense: the stock shows a strong paper profit AND pays a healthy dividend. Will you hold the stocks until the value stagnates and you are left at best with its dividend payment? Will you accompany your stock until the growth is dead and the value drops? You need to know when to sell a winning stock.

When a stock is a loser – you don’t want to sell it. It makes sense: after all, there are several reasons why you bought this company in the first place. It will eventually go back up…. Or not! How can you tell the difference between a future winner and a perpetual loser? You may think you are paid to wait with the dividend payment. I think you are paid to see your investment die slowly. You also need to know when to sell a losing stock.

How Can You Make Easy Buy & Sell Decisions?

As an investor, I’ve been like you for several years; constantly struggling between the idea of keeping or selling my stocks. Whether they go up or down… These are eternal questions for investors: When should I buy and when should I sell?

I’ve looked for the same answers as you. Value investing or Growth investing principles teach you how to buy and how to manage your portfolio but remain unclear as to WHEN you should buy and WHEN you should sell. Technical analysis is very demanding and is based on graphs and stats while a real company makes real cash flow, not moving averages. I simply couldn’t find the answer I was looking for.

This is why I’ve developed my own investment vision, my own investing strategy. I’ve built my technique based on personal requirements I had:

  • I wanted to invest for the long term
  • I wanted to grow dividend payments
  • I wanted to keep my investment process simple but effective

Simple but effective. These are magic keywords. I want to make money but I don’t want to bang my head against the wall after spending 10 hours per week on my portfolio. A simple and effective investment strategy ultimately leads to having a clear process of when to buy and when to sell. I went on a quest to find easy triggers dictating my portfolio ensuring both dividend growth and avoiding loss.

This is What I’m Sharing with Dividend Stocks Rock

Dividend Stocks Rock (DSR) has been created for 1 reason: Making your trading decision easy. The web is filled with paid investing newsletters and exhaustive stock research services. It’s all good and interesting but it requires several hours simply to assimilate their information. At the end of the day, you know more about your stock but you still struggle to buy it or sell it.

Dividend Stocks Rock is an interactive investment tool created by a dividend investor like you who wants to see his dividend payout increase forever. DSR will help you get right to the point: Buy or Sell?

1 Goal – 2 Ways

The DSR Club offers you 2 ways to make your trading decision easy. The good news is that you don’t have to pick one or the other, we give you both of them inside the Club!

12 Actively Managed Dividend Portfolios!

I like stocks so much that I eat some for breakfast. Over time, I’ve noticed that there are two major factors affecting your investment strategy: your risk tolerance and the amount invested. This is why I’ve built 10 different portfolios covering various investment styles; starter, conservative and growth. All portfolios are offered in an American and Canadian version.

  • You can follow a portfolio in line with your investment style.
  • You get an alert whenever we buy or sell a stock.
  • You have access to past performance to track our investment returns.
  • It’s the perfect solution for beginners to intermediate investors who need assistance in building their portfolio.

8 Dividend Stock Lists

Time is the most valuable asset we all have. As an investor, you can spend hours looking at different stock filters and looking at which stocks to buy from these lists. The DSR Club generates 8 different dividend stock lists from conservative plays to high yield dividend stocks.

  • Get dividend metrics information – Updated Weekly!
  • Get stock rankings according to our own standards – Trading Decision Made Easy
  • Get email alerts each time a stock is added or removed from a list – Buy or Sell Signals
  • Find the stocks you need from the list you are looking for – No Time Wasted Pulling Numbers From Filters
  • This is the ultimate solution for the intermediate to experienced investor who wants to save time finding quality stocks and receive buy and sell signals.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I can’t guarantee you will make money. I can’t guarantee that I will beat the market next year. I can’t find the next Apple and I’m not an investing guru. But I can offer you an investing framework where buying and selling stocks is easy and justified by research and metrics – not by emotions and trends.

If you don’t like Dividend Stocks Rock within your first 30 days of subscription, we will reimburse you without further delay. We are so confident that you will like the Club that we can make this promise. Dividend Stock Rocks will help you manage your portfolio with a Simple but Effective investing strategy.

Want to Try it?

Our goal is to make Dividend Stock Rocks as accessible as possible. After all, your money should be invested. And this is the way we see it; DSR is an investment in your portfolio.


You can register for a monthly subscription for only $20.95 $14.95/month

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Nope, this is not the usual marketing strategy where the price is always cut down. Once we reach our first 999 members, price for new members goes up to $20.95/month. Trust me, I don’t think it will take too long to reach it! Once we reach 999 members, we will hire staff to improve our system and add a few features. This is why the price will go up to $20.95.


 Click Here to Access Dividend Stocks Rock

$20.95 $14.95 Monthly Subscription



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If you subscribe for a year at the special price of $149.50, you will also get our 4.8 Stars Amazon Book; Dividend Growth – Freedom Through Passive Income

 Dividend Growth Cover

Here again, if you are not happy, you can always claim your money back within the first 30 days… and you keep the book!





The Dividend Guy



2 Responses to This is the Last Time You Struggle Selling Your Stocks

  1. Philip Nelson says:

    Hi Mie
    I recently bought a subscription in DSR and I’m loving it. You give us all the tools to make the right decisions. Good stuff!
    With my subscription am I entitled to a copy of your book – Dividend Growth – Freedom Through Passive Income? If so I would like to get the paperback edition. How do I do that?

    Phil Nelson

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