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This is your dashboard – your starting point. Each time you log-in, you will come directly to this page. If you get lost after going from one page to another you can always hit the “START” button on the top left menu or use the quick navigation icon on the right sidebar. You simply have to leave your mouse cursor on the icon to know where it will lead you. But before you start, you must read our legal disclaimer.

This is Your First Time Here? READ THIS

Dividend Stocks Rock (DSR) has been built to help you manage your portfolio. This investing tool has been designed to support all investor types from beginner to advanced from small to substantial portfolios. We have built an efficient but simple way to manage your stocks where you can follow our trades (buy & sell signals) by registering to our real world portfolio models.

Now, How to Use DSR to Your Advantage

Here’s how to maximize your DSR access:

#1 Read about the DSR philosophy (Baby Steps)

#2 Pick your core portfolio (Real World Portfolios)

#3 Start Trading (Use our Dividend Stock Lists)

#4 Manage your portfolio (Read our DSR Premium Newsletter)


I’ve also created another simple tool for members. Support us by liking or sharing Dividend Stocks Rock and find out what it is!

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DSR Baby Steps

Baby StepsThis is the foundation of the program.  It will outline everything you need to know to effectively and proactively put the Dividend Stocks Rock strategy into practice.  This is a somewhat shorter version of my book; Dividend Growth which is the complete foundation behind DSR. It gives you the exact steps to become a knowledgeable investor from knowing your risk tolerance to complete portfolio management. This is not only the perfect resource for beginner to intermediate investors but it is also an amazing refresher for all investors.



The Core Model Portfolios

PortfoliosWith a series of portfolios that covers a number of different scenarios, you will be able to find a portfolio that fits your needs. There are model portfolio suggestions for Canadian and U.S. investors with different investable amounts and risk tolerances. Each of these portfolios will give you a clear picture of how the strategy works in real-life with real-time precision.



The Dividend Growth Stocks Lists

Stock ListThese lists are your starting point for using dividends to grow your portfolio. With these lists you have at your disposal the best dividend growth stocks available to supercharge your portfolio returns.  This list is updated daily with new stats on each and every dividend growth stock as well as additions of new dividend growth stocks and the removal of stocks that are no longer providing that all-important dividend growth.



DSR Premium Newsletter Archive

Premium NewsletterThis section includes all previous DSR premium newsletters sent in the past. You can find them by month. Each issue will include a macro economic review along with stock commentaries on both US and CDN markets. You will receive updates on portfolio performances and stock list buy/sell picks. 




This Dashboard will evolve over time. If you feel you need more information or features to be added, please use the contact section or (send me a direct email at dividendustries@gmail.com!) and let us know. This is YOUR investing tool after all; it needs to be up to your expectations!

11 Responses to Dividend Stocks Rock Dashboard

  1. Michael Collins says:

    Thanks a bunch, Mike. I’m going to study your recommendations closely this weekend. Meanwhile please accept my congratulations.


    Michael H. Collins

  2. Rino De Campo says:

    I have recently joined dividend stocks rock and have already chosen the stocks from your suggestions that I feel comfortable with.
    My problem now is when to invest? The markets are busy aligning for lower projected earnings in 2014, meaning there is still a 10% drop coming by April. The best investing philosophy is to buy low & sell high and I have only got this right a few times, I also know that you cannot predict the market and some investment advisers say it is best to buy now and the market will sort it out over time. What is your feeling on this matter?

  3. Lisa says:

    Hey Mike
    I cannot register to the portfolio’s. The links are not working. Please advise. I want to register to 100K Growth, 25K Growth and 100K Conservative – all Canadian.
    Lisa Walker

  4. Phillip Ho says:


    I was expecting to model your portfolio and was hoping to get the buy price of each stock in your portfolio. Am I missing something? Also, do you send real time alert when you’re buying or selling a stock?

    • The Dividend Guy says:

      Hello Philip,

      as per our email conversation, we started our portfolios in 2013, we can provide calculation upon request (with buy price). We send real time alert when we buy or sell any stocks on our list.
      Our new feature; the DSR stock card will provide members with a current valuation price for each stock we follow.

  5. Piet Molenkamp says:

    Hi Mike
    Became a member today.

    Can we learn here to make/to build the DSR stock card by ourselfs ??
    the DSR stock card with a current valuation.


    • The Dividend Guy says:

      Hello Piet,
      The stock card is a summary of our own stock analysis to help you saving time while analysis companies. If you have companies you would like us to review, we can add them to our “to do” list.
      The valuation calculation comes from the Dividend Toolkit spreasheet (the toolkit is available in the “newsletter section”).
      Let me know which company you could like to create a stock card.

      Best regards,


  6. Bryan Surfer says:

    Nice service Mike. Congratulations. I’m just getting the chance to dig in now. Life has been too busy. I’ll send you an email with my feedback, but at first blush it looks great.

    Wishing you guys a great weekend

  7. Barry H. Brown says:


    I am a new member. Query: If I want to invest in a portfolio, would you lean toward the conservative portfolio or the dividend stocks you point out in the 2016 best stock picks.


    • The Dividend Guy says:

      Hello Barry,
      This is a very good question. In fact, it would make more sense to go with your risk tolerance. Both portfolios are 100% equity, but fluctuation will be wider with the growth portfolios.
      The conservative portfolios are inspired by the “classic dividend investing model”. The growth portfolios include a few riskier picks.
      I’ve made them very different so you can also pick from both.
      I’m bullish for 2016, but volatility will be there also!

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