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I’m glad you’ve stopped by; I’m Mike aka The Dividend Guy. I’m the guy behind this blog since 2010. But wait… this blog has been around since 2005… Yup, I like dividend investing so much that I bought anothers guys blog to continue his work in teaching and helping investors buy dividend stocks and manage their portfolio.


Who’s Mike?

I was born in the early 80’s somewhere in the Cold of Canada. I live in the French part of the country so if you ever run into a grammatical error, that’s because English, is my second language. I’ve always been intrigued by money since I was a kid. Maybe this had to do with the fact that my parents went bankrupt while I was just a teenager. I realized at that time what it was lie to look for quarters and dimes in the couch cracks to buy milk for my cereal (no joke, I remember seeing my mom do this one day!). I also remember that I told myself: when I grow up, my family and I will never lack money.


I quickly figured out that the best way to have money was to work where the money is: in the financial industry. But be careful; Im not a professional trader and not your personal broker. Everything you read on this blog is only my perception of things, my humble opinion. I strongly believe one must read and educate himself to the point that he drafts his own investment strategy, not depend on some blogger’s thought about a stock!


I’m a happily married man with three kids, a day job and this blog to keep me busy. As you can see, Im like you; an investor with a busy life with limited time to trade. I’m a passionate investor who crafted his investment strategy considering his good and less good (can’t write bad hahaha!) investment decisions. You can read more about my investment philosophy here.


How I’ve Started My Investment Quest

I started investing back in 2003 when a monkey could make money on the market. For three years, I’ve traded different stocks and accumulated a comfortable nest egg. In 2006, I had enough money to buy my first house with a 25% down payment. Not bad for a “kid” in his early 20s that didn’t have much money to start with. Those were great investing years. I used to spend 2-3 hours per day looking at screens, analyzing trends and figuring out which will be the next stock to surge. While I was quite successful (my biggest return in a year was 71%), many other investors simply picked stocks from their favorite newspaper and did as well as I did. The economy was booming and the oil industry in Canada had never been better with their marvelous oil income trusts. I remember receiving a 25% dividend from a company that kept increasing its distribution each year!


Then the Crash Happened

In 2007, I cashed almost my entire portfolio to buy my second house. The family was growing as we were expecting our second child and my best investment at that time was a bigger house. It was a good thing as the 2008 crash hit my portfolio to the tune of -27%, but the amount in dollars lost wasn’t too big.


I remember I was working day and night at that time: I switched jobs in 2008, started my MBA in 2009 and was a father of two. Prior to 2008, I had a very aggressive investing model requiring all my attention. I used to generate healthy profits back then, but started to lack time. I was looking for a different investment solution. Something that doesn’t require too much time and still brings good returns.


This is how, in 2010, I discovered dividend investing. A few months after researching the strategy, I found a blog that I liked so much that I bought it; this is the beginning of my journey at The Dividend Guy Blog. The previous owner was a disciplined investor with his own investing code. I studied his archives and started to invest with a similar strategy. When I realized he wanted to work on other projects but was looking for someone who would continue his quest on the blog, I made an offer and soon after, I became The Dividend Guy.


Where I Am Now

Things look pretty similar as to when I bought this blog back in 2010, but everything is a bit bigger. We now have three kids (and a bigger house 😉 ), I have a better job and the blog has grown beyond my expectations. You are now over 6,000 to follow my investing journey and benefit from my exclusive (and FREE!) newsletter. After registering, you’ll even get my first eBook about Dividend Investing as a welcome gift.


In 2012, strong from a very effective dividend growth model, I wrote a book rated 4.5 stars on Amazon called Dividend Growth; Freedom Through Passive Income. After this success, I continued teaching and helping investors improve their portfolios. I’ve spent a complete year to build what would be the ultimate dividend investing tool. I started my work after receiving hundreds of feedback emails from my newsletter readers and crafted a tool you can use to save time and improve your returns.


This investing tool is called Dividend Stocks Rock (DSR). While this blog is entirely free and offers lots of information, DSR goes one step further for investors for a few bucks per month. If you like my blog, you will love DSR. But if you don’t want to subscribe, it’s okay too, The Dividend Guy Blog has the mission to teach and help investors improve their investment skills for free.


Click here to read more about Dividend Stocks Rock.

Click here to read about my Dividend Growth Model.


If you want to reach me for anything, I’m only one email away. Just subscribe to my newsletter and we will get in touch!





The Dividend Guy.

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